LED Strips – Brio Series

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We are specialized in delivering high quality LED strips in the Middle Eastern market.The raw materials used in the strips are of premium quality and are from best brands in the industry. We deliver custom solutions for all your lighting requirements such as Decorative Lighting where photometric like CRI, purity and tolerance are priority or for Signage Lighting where maximum flux per watt, stability and general lumen output are the focus. Our LED strips are suitable for homogenous and dot free illumination and can be used for:
  • Indoor Lighting – Coves, Decorative
  • Signage
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Light Boxes
  • Hotel Lighting
  • Residence / Villa Lighting
  • Showcase Lighting
  • Office Lighting
The LED Strips are grouped based on the design and wattage for easy understanding.
Click on the wattage to see the Product Categories. Please click on image to zoom.
Product Type Model ID Power LEDs/m lm/m lm/LED CRI Image
SMD 3528 LED Strip BR-F3528xx60-xx-x-Fx-Vx 4.8 60 390 7-8 < 80
SMD 5050 LED Strip BR-F5050xx30-xx-x-Fx-Vx 7.2 30 660 20-22 < 80
SMD 3528 LED Strip BR-F3528xx120-xx-x-Fx-Vx 9.6 120 790 7-8 >80